What Not to Say After a Car Accident

June 19, 2022

You may feel anxious and wondering what you should do when you're in a car accident.  It is critical to understand what not to do and more importantly what not to say after a accident. You really should not even talk to the other driver other than exchanging insurance information.

Here are some tips of what not to say after a car accident. Read them to protect yourself and not risk affecting the value of your claim. If you avoid saying these 5 things, you will give yourself a better chance of getting the compensation you deserve after an accident. Even if you were a passenger in the accident, you need to understand your rights.  You will also avoid liability for damages that are not your fault.

1) Never Say "I'm Sorry" After a Car Accident

If you're a kind, polite person, you might feel the need to apologize for something. This statement might not be meant in the most positive way. It could be that you are sorry for someone going through a difficult time. You can't say "I'm sorry" and allow another person to interpret it.

Too often, people use the words "I'm sorry," to admit wrongdoing. You must resist the urge to be polite. It is better to keep your mouth shut until you can get the advice of an experienced car accident lawyer .

2) Never Say that the Crash was Your Fault

Although admitting fault at the scene is not something you should do, there are some people who claim that the accident was their fault due to anxiety, stress, or just being friendly and kind. An admission of guilt could also come from phrases that begin with I shouldn't have....

3) Never Say "I'm Okay" After a Car Accident

This is yet another example of how good manners can lead to trouble. In our society, it is polite to tell others we are okay even if we aren't. Avoid falling prey to this temptation.

First, it is not possible to know if you are okay right away after an accident. It is possible that you have suffered emotional or physical injuries that can take many years to heal. These ailments are often not apparent until much later, as a Miami car accident lawyer will know. Even if you feel fine immediately after the accident, you should go get evaluated by a medical professional, just in case, as sometimes symptoms are delayed.

If you claim that you were not hurt but later find out, you could be viewed as a liar if you seek compensation for your medical expenses. You should wait for a complete medical exam before you speak about your condition.

4) Never Say "I Think".

A Miami car accident attorney knows that anyone can hold you responsible for what you say after an incident. This could include another driver, their insurance company or your own insurer.

You should only give information that you are confident about. Keep it real and don't give an opinion that could lead to your incrimination when you get to court.

5) Never Speculate About the Accident

It is best not to speculate about the causes of your car accident when you are talking with others on the scene. If you speculate about the cause or factors of the crash, you can be held responsible for it.

After a car accident, even the most polite and innocent phrases can lead to serious consequences. Although it may be a difficult thing to do, you must resist the urge to be polite or helpful to keep yourself safe. Contact a car accident lawyer first.

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