What to Do When You're in a Car Accident

October 14, 2021

If you've been in a car crash, you've probably wondered what to do immediately after the car accident.  These tips will be useful in the immediate aftermath of an auto accident. Following these will help you to document the accident, gather information about the other driver,  as well as protect yourself in the event of a legal proceeding. In doing these, they will not only protect your wallet , but possibly your health as well.

Collecting information about the other driver

After a car accident, gathering information about the other driver can ultimately help you to get the compensation you deserve if the other driver was at fault.  You should start by getting the name of the other driver,  their driver's license number as well as the tag number of their vehicle.  Witnesses to the accident are also helpful. This information can be very helpful, even if the other driver admits to fault. This will allow the insurance company to examine your claim more efficiently.

It is important to get that information as soon as possible after the accident. Photograph any injuries sustained in an accident. These photos can help you file a claim, if necessary. Also, take photos of the scene and all damage to vehicles involved in an accident. These images can be used to help the police and insurance companies determine who is responsible. Again, if there are witnesses, get their names, license plates and employer information as well as their statements on a recording, preferably, as a video.

You should not only take photos but also make notes and collect information about the other driver. You are required to provide this information to the police, so make sure you get it as soon possible.  If you decide to file a claim, the police will use these details to create a collision report. Plus, your insurance claim will be easier if you have all the information.

Requesting a police report

A police report is required for anyone who has been in a car accident. It will not only contain the conclusions of the police officer regarding the accident, but also details the injuries suffered by the victims. This document is important and should be kept for your own insurance company.

In the event of a personal injury case, a police report will be vital to the success of the suit. To prove that you aren't the cause of the accident, you will need to obtain a police report.  If you are the victim in an accident, a police report can help strengthen your case. You can ensure that the other driver is held accountable for their actions by obtaining a police record.

After the police office documents all information related to the accident, it's relatively simple to obtain a copy of an accident report from a police department. Most of them keep copies for at least 30 days. You may also access the police department(PD) online portal to obtain the  police report. However, you may not be able to use the PD portal if your residence is outside the state. Having a police report following a car accident is a good way to help you get the right amount of compensation.

To get the report in person, you will need to identify the precinct in which the report is kept and provide them with the incident number.  The process is free and can be completed in seven days. However, it could take up to fifteen days for you to receive your copy. Talk to your attorney to learn more about how to obtain a police report following a car accident. This document will assist you in your upcoming claim.

Properly documenting the car accident

Documentation is essential if you are involved in an accident. Although you can write down all details, it might not help as much as other forms of documentation, plus it often takes a long time.  Although things can be chaotic, you may be able to recall details better by taking photos of the accident scene.

Photographs can be a powerful tool in proving your case when it comes to documenting an accident. Photographs of the accident scene and other vehicles involved are important. You should also try to capture close-up photos of any injuries and damaged areas. It will help you to prove your case at court by taking photos of the damage to your car and the other vehicle.  In addition to your photos, nearby security cameras may have captured the accident. Below are three tips for taking photographs:

Document the accident scene immediately after it has occurred. Photographs should be clear and include all details. Photographs are valuable evidence you can present to an insurer in a civil case.  The photos should include damage to the car of the at-fault driver.  Photos can also help to determine the accident's cause and identify witnesses.  Experts will be able to use these photos to determine fault and correlate damages.

Photograph the damage done to the car.  To get an idea of the extent of damage to each vehicle, take photos of them both.  These photos should include any damage to the other car, as well as traffic signals and road signs.  Photos of the other vehicle may also be helpful if one car is damaged.  If available, the court and insurance company will also need video recordings of the whole incident.

Photograph the car in question. Video can provide insurance companies with a better picture of the accident and may also help them to collect the contact information and names of all parties. A cell phone can also record audio of the driver admitting guilt. You can also search for surveillance cameras in your area. This MUST be done shortly after the incident because, the owners of those cameras may not keep the footage for very long.

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