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If you are injured as a passenger in a ride-share vehicle, it is necessary, but often difficult to determine which party(ies) may be liable. In many cases, the Uber or Lyft driver may bear at least some part in responsibility, due to their negligence, possibly related to their speeding, distractions while driving, driving while under the influence, or violations of some traffic laws. The company that contracts with the ride-share driver could also be partly responsible as a result of their failure to follow or enforce state or local regulations. As an example, if the company did not perform an adequate background check on the driver that has a past filled with DUI convictions, the company would certainly be liable for that accident during which their driver was driving while drunk.

Because Uber and Lyft drivers are considered independent contractors who work for a publicly traded corporation,  this can lead to challenging legal issues when there is an accident. In that event, Uber passengers and drivers need to understand their rights after an accident. They must also take the necessary steps to receive compensation for their injuries, regardless of whether you are the Uber driver, passenger, or a pedestrian. Our Uber Accident Lawyer, here at Beharry Law will ensure that your claims are handled quickly and effectively.

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Facts About Ridesharing In Miami, Florida

Uber and Lyft have made ridesharing a part of everyday life in Miami, the United States and around the globe. They promise convenience and a great way to get around. They promise drivers that they will work wherever they want to . . . when they want while allowing riders to hail a car anywhere they like with just a few taps on their phones.

This allows riders to enjoy the following ridesharing benefits:

  • Alternative to traditional taxis
  • Present payment options
  • They don't have to wait in the rain for a ride
  • Carpooling and other sharing options

These companies promote their services as safe, particularly for those who have been drinking or planning to drink. However, skeptics point out that ride-sharing may lead to more drinking among riders.  Experienced Uber accident lawyers will tell you that ride-share accidents can and do occur.

However, data shows that Lyft and Uber have half the number of fatalities than the national average. This is due to the fact that rideshare trips are shorter and take place in areas with lower speed limits.


Uber/Lyft Passengers In Florida Also Have Rights

Car accidents do happen frequently, but they can also be terrifying, stressful, and painful experiences. It is difficult to know what caused them and how.

Rideshare and insurance companies might try to profit from these situations by offering low-ball settlements for pennies on a dollar. Before accepting any offer, it is important that everyone involved in a rideshare accident or other type of car accident seeks the counsel and guidance of an experienced Uber accident lawyer.

Any person injured in a rideshare crash can seek compensation from the responsible party, be it an Uber driver, rideshare company, another motorist, or a deficient car manufacturer. In order to receive compensation, you will need to be able prove your legal liability.

Passengers have protection and can file a claim against any responsible party. Uber can be the responsible party or any other person responsible for causing an accident. Negligence is a common legal theory used to prove liability in car accident cases. Drivers must operate their vehicles in a safe manner. This includes obeying traffic signs and following the law of the road. Drivers are expected to avoid dangerous behaviors like texting while driving, or operating a vehicle under the influence of drugs and alcohol. Drivers who fail to live up to their responsibilities will likely be held responsible for any accidents. Uber drivers are not employees in Florida. However, Uber could be held legally responsible for negligent rideshare drivers in certain circumstances.

Car manufacturers are legally responsible for making vehicles safe for their intended purpose. They are also required by law to inform owners and lessors of safety hazards and other dangers.

An accident can cause significant emotional and physical injuries to Uber passengers. Accidents can be stressful and traumatizing. It is important to seek immediate medical attention after an accident. Knowing who was responsible for the accident can help you determine how to recover your financial losses. Uber users who are involved in an accident while using their services should contact an attorney to help them.

Beharry Law Firm has an Uber accident lawyer who can help you understand your rights following a crash. Our firm can also investigate the collision and determine fault.

Uber has a set of rules that Uber drivers must follow in order to reduce accidents and ensure safety for riders. The following requirements must be met by drivers:

  • At least 21 years of age
  • Passed background checks
  • A valid driver's licence
  • Maintain a clean driving record
  • At least three years experience behind the wheel
  • Make sure that your car is registered and has in-state plates
  • Pass a vehicle inspection

Companies reserve the right not to accept feedback from drivers and deactivate drivers.

Uber Drivers: Your Rights

Although most Uber and Lyft drivers have positive experiences, there are complex legal issues that can arise if an accident happens. Uber is a flexible income stream, but it can be costly quickly if you are involved in an accident. To minimize your liability, it is important to understand your rights and responsibilities following an accident.


What Does A Typical Ride-share Accident Involve?

There are four major types of Uber accidents. The type of Uber accident that you are involved in will greatly impact your ability to seek damages. These are:

  • Scenario 1 - A ridesharing passenger is injured during a ride
  • Scenario 2 - The Uber driver was hurt while picking up, driving or dropping off passengers
  • Scenario 3 - A ridesharing vehicle causes an accident in which a driver of another vehicle is injured.
  • Scenario 4 - Passengers were hurt in a collision with a rideshare car as it was on its way for passengers

The last scenario shows that drivers could be held responsible for negligence if they used ridesharing apps instead of paying attention on the road. What do we know about ridesharing apps? Would a driver be liable for an accident? Or would the ridesharing company pay the bill? Your Uber accident lawyer will review the evidence surrounding the accident and help you identify all parties.

It is not always easy to determine who is responsible for an accident. It is not always clear who is at fault for an accident. In many cases, there can be multiple parties involved. Law enforcement professionals will assess the Uber accident and help assign fault to the right parties. Call the police immediately if you are an Uber driver who is involved in an accident. You should immediately file a police report and take photos of the vehicle's damage.

Uber passengers who are injured in an accident should seek immediate medical attention. An attorney can help you navigate the legal process and assist you with any costs.


When Are Uber Drivers (instead of the Company) Liable For The Accident?

Independent contractors are those who work as rideshare drivers and are not employees. They are responsible for maintaining their own vehicles and are not covered by an employer's worker’s compensation program. This means that the driver is responsible for their general liability insurance. However, Florida requires rideshare companies provide additional insurance for drivers. There are many policies and coverage options available depending on the severity of an accident.

If it is proven that an Uber driver caused an accident, the rideshare company will likely cover their liability through their insurance policy.

Ride-sharing in Florida Is Not Without Risks

Ridesharing has its benefits but there are risks. Before hailing a rideshare, it is important to understand the risks and consult an Uber accident lawyer in case you are hurt in a crash.

Companies don't appear to have a limit on the time drivers can spend behind a wheel over a week or day. This increases the chance that distracted or fatigued drivers may push their personal limits and cause an accident.

Uber and Lyft are not allowing nationwide fingerprinting of drivers. Advocates say this would allow for deeper background checks on potential drivers. This includes driving and criminal records being checked not only in Florida but all across the country.

Florida drivers have been accused of raping and assaulting passengers. This has prompted calls for more thorough reviews of potential drivers before they can start using the app. This is in addition to the accusations of theft against passengers.

These allegations continue to raise questions about the responsibility of rideshare companies for monitoring and vetting drivers as well as their liability when drivers cause injuries or commit crimes.

Although Uber/Lyft accidents are often focused on the victims of collisions, pedestrians and bicyclists can be at risk from these crashes. Bicycle and pedestrian accidents can cause serious, even fatal injuries because there is not much protection for people other than cars.

Because of their ability to distract themselves behind the wheel, rideshare drivers pose a risk to bikers and pedestrians. Uber is used to interact with drivers and passengers. This can distract from the road and make it difficult to see people on two wheels or on their feet.

Bicyclists and pedestrians who are injured in a crash with a rideshare car can seek compensation from the responsible parties. While the negligence standard applies to multi-car accidents, the unique facts of each case may warrant additional investigation. Beharry Law Firm has an Uber accident lawyer who can help you get the compensation you deserve. Our firm can assist the family members of a victim who has been killed in an accident to ensure they are held accountable.

Understanding that insurance companies often require you to notify them promptly of any accident to be paid out, is important. Before speaking with any insurance company, particularly the adverse one, it is crucial that you consult an experienced accident attorney. The insurance company cannot contact you if you have retained an attorney. All communications will be made through your attorney. An experienced Uber accident lawyer will present your case to the insurance company to maximize your recovery. Your insurance company will require you to give a statement. A skilled accident lawyer will help you to present your claim. You can also speak with the adjuster to make sure you are not held responsible for any errors or to clarify anything.

Compensation For Your Losses


Uber accidents can cause severe physical and emotional pain and require significant expense to fix your vehicle and manage your injuries. Both Uber drivers and passengers may be eligible for compensation for their injuries as well as economic losses. For example, Uber drivers may be eligible for lost wages if they are disabled from work because of severe physical or vehicular injuries. Drivers could also be eligible for compensation to pay for repairs and medical expenses. If they are injured and unable to return to work, Uber passengers may be eligible for compensation for medical expenses or lost wages. Your attorney can help you navigate the recovery process, regardless of whether you are an Uber driver or passenger.

Insurance coverage


Uber offers insurance to protect both their riders and drivers. Drivers are covered even if they're not at fault while waiting for a ride, en route to picking up a rider, or on trips. No matter who is at fault, a rider is covered as long as they're in an Uber or on a Uber trip.

You should follow the same steps as if you were a passenger in a rideshare crash. Call emergency services immediately and ensure your health is in good condition. Then, call law enforcement to begin collecting evidence about the accident. The rideshare company will keep a record of the driver's information and the exact location of the accident. Also, you will need to gather the driver's information regarding their insurance. This will allow them to be the first to settle any claims. For your records, you should also obtain the driver's full name, license number and plate number.

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