Why Seeking Medical Care is an Important Next Step After a Car Accident

September 13, 2022

Even if your car accident is minor, it's important to seek medical attention at a nearby ER or Urgent Care center immediately.

Your well-being should be the first consideration before contacting an accident attorney.  When you do file a claim with your insurance company, that medical report will be important to have.   After you attend to your medical needs, then you engage potential injury lawyers to represent you through asking the right questions to make sure they are the best ones for your case.

Crash reaction

The body is not equipped to handle the severe impact of a vehicle collision. It will produce chemicals like adrenalin that can temporarily mask certain injuries and pain. The injury symptoms may not manifest for several hours, or even days, after the event.

Subsequent injuries

You should seek medical attention immediately if you are a victim of a car crash. A rear-end collision can easily result in a neck, back, head or other catastrophic injuries. The doctor will recommend treatment to heal the injury and prevent it from becoming worse.

Criteria for insurance companies

Insurance companies use standard criteria to assess the severity of injuries. This allows them to determine the importance of prompt medical attention and the associated report. The time period between the accident and the first visit to a doctor is what an agent will consider. An insurance company may deny you compensation if they feel too long has passed between the accident and the time when you first visited a doctor which will leave you to deal with the medical bill yourself. There are several factors that can impact the value of your accident claim.  While insurance companies will always seek to protect their bottom lines, our accident attorney at Beharry Law will negotiate for you while determining the value of your claim. You have the right to full and fair compensation for your injuries, including medical expenses.

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