In a Multi-Car Accident, Who is at Fault?

September 5, 2022

Multi-car accidents can be confusing in Florida. It can be difficult to determine who is at fault after a multi-car accident. It is important that injured victims of car accidents immediately seek medical treatment, but are also able to identify who is at fault in order to help their car accident attorney pursue financial compensation from that at-fault party.  Just remember, that immediately after the accident when the environment is extremely stressful and emotions are high, it's critically important to the success of a pending case to not say anything that could implicate your responsibility for that crash.

Usually, the driver at the back is to blame

Although every car accident is different, investigators generally focus on the driver of the car in the rear. A chain reaction may have been caused by the driver at the rear, pushing another car forward and then hitting another car.

A car accident on a busy highway can result in multiple cars behind a pileup, even if the original collision was not their fault. They may have been shocked by the initial crash and not had time to stop.

It is possible that there are more than one at fault driver

What should one expect after being involved in a car accident involving multiple vehicles? Firstly, multiple vehicles are often involved in a car crash that can contribute to complicated legal scenarios. Often, more than one driver is responsible for the crash. Even if one driver was responsible for the collision, another driver may have contributed to the accident by failing to respond appropriately.

For that reason, personal injury claims can be brought against multiple at-fault drivers. One driver might be more responsible than others and may be ordered to pay more of the victim's damages. One driver could be 25% at fault and another 75%. If you find yourself in a multi-car accident, there are numerous benefits to hiring a car accident attorneyContact Beharry Law to represent you.

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