Calle Ocho Walk of Fame

There are several things to see and do on Calle Ocho Walk of Fame Miami FL. This area is home to many famous people. While you are in the area, you should check out the art museum and Cuban Coffee Park. They are both open daily from 9am to 6pm and require a minimum age of 55. Alternatively, you can check out the Miami Art Museum, which is home to several local artists and features works by contemporary artists. The Miami Art Museum is a great place to purchase some unique gifts, and you can even take a look at the local flavor of the area. It is located at SW 8th St, Miami, FL 33135.

The National Geographic offers free walking tours in Miami that include 13 stops. Stops along the tour include Maximo Gomez Park and the Walkway of Stars. Once a thriving Jewish neighborhood, Little Havana became the center of Miami's cultural scene after the Cuban exiles fled the Fidel Castro regime in the 1960s. If you'd like to experience Miami's cultural and culinary heritage, a tour of Calle Ocho is a must.

Little Havana is also home to the Latin Walk of Fame. Located outside of Maximo Gomez Park, the Walk of Fame honors famous Latin celebrities. In 1987, the first star to have a sidewalk named after her was Celia Cruz. The famous salsa dancer had her name placed on this sidewalk. You can even find food trucks at Calle Ocho Walk of Fame Miami FL. If you're looking for a place to dine, you might want to try Ball & Chain.

If you love authentic Cuban food, calle Ocho is the perfect place to get it. Cuban coffee is a must, and the neighborhood is vibrant, unlike any other American city. And you should stop at Sanguich de Miami if you're craving a Cuban sandwich. This counter-service restaurant offers classic Cuban sandwiches as well as made-to-order batidos. You'll definitely find something tasty on Calle Ocho Walk of Fame Miami FL.

If you're looking for art, this area is worth a visit. There's an art museum in this area and plenty to see. If you're traveling with a child, you can also go to the Holocaust Memorial. This free museum has beautiful hand sculptures and plenty of walking paths. In addition to art museums, Miami has an outdoor cinema at Soundscape Park. This is the perfect spot for families.

For a taste of Cuban culture, head to the Tower Theater. This historic landmark has been operating since 1926 and is adjacent to Domino Park. In its heyday, it was one of the most state-of-the-art theaters in the American South. Today, it maintains its historic reputation as a cultural gathering place. Whether you're interested in art history, Cuban exhibitions, or Indie movies, this is another place that's worth a visit.

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