Montgomery Botanical Center

If you are a plant lover, you'll want to visit the Montgomery Botanical Center Miami FL. The museum features a variety of plant species that grow naturally in Miami's landscape. Several of the center's trees have been named Champion Trees by the Florida Division of Forestry. These trees are among the largest and finest in the state. Several of the Montgomery's trees were also damaged by Hurricane Irma, and a massive clean-up was required. The National Science Foundation provided emergency funding for the cleanup. It is located at 11901 Old Cutler Rd, Coral Gables, FL 33156.

The Montgomery Botanical Center is a non-profit organization in Miami, FL that focuses on tropical plants. Founded in 1959, the center is dedicated to botanical research and conservation, and the education of the public through workshops, lectures, and publications. Tours of the botanical garden are available for visitors to learn about its scientific plant collections. You can also view many species from around the world in the museum's gardens.

The center's collections are important for science. Scientists studying the natural history of Florida's native plants can learn about the plant's ecosystems and habitats. The center also collects seeds from native wild populations and germinates them in a nursery. Plants are then grown in the gardens for research purposes. The center fosters scientific research by sharing scientific data about its collections with researchers. They also publish research results in popular publications, and cooperate with botanical institutions worldwide to provide access to these valuable botanical specimens.

The Montgomery Botanical Center is deeply involved in scientific research, and is committed to ensuring that the plant collections are widely available. By making prized plants widely available, the museum helps protect the wild populations of endangered species. Seeds from the living collection are routinely distributed to botanic gardens across the world, as well as schools and universities for research purposes. Pollen collections are also available. This is a unique opportunity to view some of the world's most beautiful plants and learn about their conservation efforts.  Get legal help in Miami.

Montgomery was a pious man who enjoyed a variety of interests. He was close to George Brett of Macmillan Publishing Company, who later donated the acreage that became the Montgomery Botanical Center. He also met Dr. David Fairchild, one of America's leading plant explorers. Fairchild and Montgomery began to collaborate together on the plant collection. Eventually, both men retired. While they shared the same love of plant life, their careers converged in a thriving Miami botanical garden.

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