What To Do After A Slip & Fall?

December 11, 2022

Slipping, tripping and falling accidents can happen when you least expect them. Negligence can lead to fall accidents, such as when a property owner fails to notice a slip-and-fall hazard. You may be eligible for compensation under a premises liability case. You can protect your right to file a claim by taking the appropriate actions following a Miami-Dade bad fall.  You will soon know what to do after a slip and fall accident.

1. Keep Still and Look for Injuries

Your safety is your first priority. Avoid making sudden movements, such as jumping up and down immediately after a fall. You could worsen an injury, which can be dangerous especially if your spine or back is injured. Instead, check for sharp pains, aching, or any other sensations. You should not move if you feel pain in your back, or tingling in the arms or legs. Call 911 immediately. A serious injury to your back could be the cause.

2. Tell someone about your slip, trip, or fall accident

If you were accompanied by someone when you fell, that person should report the accident to the authorities. If you fall at work or at home, tell your supervisor. Tell your employer. Before you leave the premises, be sure to notify someone about the fall accident. Notifying someone about the accident will make it official. It will record that it happened and that you reported it. Because slip and fall cases are typically hard to win, without witnesses and evidence you won't have as strong a case if you don't have an accident report. Before you leave, ask for a copy.

3. Take photographs and gather evidence

Before you leave, gather all evidence at the accident scene. If possible, take photos with your phone or a camera of any dangerous property that caused you to fall, such as a puddle or exposed cord. Also, take photographs of you and any injuries. Photographs of wet clothes from being in a puddle should be taken.

Please write down the details of your slip-and-fall accident. Include key facts like the date, time, and location. Write down the name of the person you spoke with at the business or store. Add the contact information and names of any witnesses to your fall. These people could be eyewitnesses to your claim. Ask for a copy if you fall in a place with video surveillance such as a parking garage. You can build a stronger case by gathering information to prove your claim of the the accident.

4. Consult a doctor

After a Miami slip, trip or fall accident, you should always visit a hospital or doctor. A visit to the hospital can help diagnose injuries and get you on the right track to full recovery. This can show your insurance company that you tried your best to minimize your losses and not exacerbating them. For future reference, request copies of accident-related medical records, X-rays, test results and paperwork.

5. Filing an insurance claim

After you have taken care of your medical needs, contact the right insurance company to file your claim. The owner of the property is most likely to be responsible for damages after a Miami fall accident. Depending on the location of your accident, this could be an individual or a business. To report an accident, call the insurance company of the property owner. For advice, consult a Miami slip-and-fall accident attorney before the time runs out to proceed with your claim.

6. Get in touch with a slip and fall accident attorney

An attorney can assist you in filing a premises liability case before the four-year deadline. A lawyer can help you manage the insurance claims process, identify responsible parties, and negotiate with an adjuster. An attorney can help you to understand what to do following a Miami fall accident.

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