Little River Miami FL

Little River Miami FL


The Little River in Miami FL is the easternmost portion of the Everglades. It is the home to important transitional waters and defines ecological borders. It was once a vast, ancient pine forest that has since been flattened and straightened. In the early 1900s, the river helped to produce food for a growing nation. However, the city's growth in population and tourism has left the river with a deteriorating reputation.

Despite its modest size, Little River is a quaint hamlet in Miami, located near Oakland Grove and El Portal. It is also home to the Miami Design District, a small neighborhood about two miles north of Downtown Miami. The area is dotted with art galleries, fashion boutiques, hip eateries, and furniture showrooms. Its architecture displays the Miami Modern style. It also contains the Lemon City Library, the oldest public library of the Miami-Dade Public Library System.

The community's history stretches back to the 1800s. Since the neighborhood was created, it has changed its name and has evolved over the years to reflect the changing needs of the community. It has attracted creative industrials and merchants and is now a thriving neighborhood of local businesses. It's impossible to escape the city's allure. You can explore the neighborhood's facets, including its history and culture. And if you can't get enough of Miami's unique vibe, there's Saint Mary's Cathedral, which opened in 1957.

While many of the residents of Little River are of Caribbean descent, the population is diverse. More people are of Haitian, Cuban, and Puerto Rican descent. The rest are either Latin American or African. The percentage of people of other countries is 38.5%. If you're looking to buy a property in Little River, don't expect a profit overnight. You can expect to pay around $300 per square foot for a commercial space in Little River.

Although the home prices in Little River, Florida, are slightly below the average for Miami, the neighborhood has some desirable areas for sale. North Little River tends to have higher house prices, while south neighborhoods have lower prices. The median house price in West Little River, Miami FL is $183,683, which is less than half of the US median of $376,286. And while West Little River isn't the hottest neighborhood in Miami, Florida, it is a popular choice for many residents.  A fantastic read

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