Fontainebleau in Miami FL


Are you planning to visit Fontainebleau Florida? Here are some tips to make your stay at this luxurious resort a memorable one. This place is located in Miami-Dade County, Florida. The population was 59,870 at the time of the 2020 census. Whether you are a first-time visitor or a seasoned veteran, you will find the accommodations that fit your needs. In addition, you will enjoy the many activities that are offered.

You can also take advantage of Fontainebleau's numerous activities and events, such as the world-famous beach. You can also find an endless supply of activities here, and many of these are free. For example, you can visit the beach in the morning and end your day at the pool. Fontainebleau is located just five minutes from downtown Miami. The city has many things to offer, and you are sure to find something that suits your needs and your budget.

When it comes to dining, Fontainebleau Florida has three celebrity chef-run restaurants. From upscale Chinese to a healthy cafe, you are sure to find the food and service that you want. There are a few bars here, so you can socialize or have a drink with friends. There's even a golf course, which is a must-visit for any Fontainebleau vacation. Its proximity to the Miami International Airport makes it a convenient getaway for anyone interested in visiting the city.

There are a lot of great places to visit and see near Fontainebleau, FL. We compiled a quick list here.


Point Of Interest #1 Olive Garden Italian Restaurant, 8201 W Flagler St, Miami, FL 33144, United States

Point Of Interest #2 Illusions Banquet Hall, 10636 Fontainebleau, Miami, FL 33172, United States

Point Of Interest #3 Big Five Club Inc, 600 SW 92nd Ave, Miami, FL 33174, United States

Point Of Interest #4 JOANN Fabric and Crafts, 8257 W Flagler St, Miami, FL 33144, United States

Point Of Interest #5 Ruben Dario Park, 9825 W Flagler St, Miami, FL 33174, United States

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