Explore Miami’s Colorful Wynwood Walls Street Art


The murals at Wynwood Walls Miami FL have inspired thousands of visitors to the area year after year. Located at 266 NW 26th St, Miami, FL 33127. The vibrant murals have brought new life to a run-down Miami neighborhood. To experience this exciting transformation for yourself, we've listed some of the best restaurants, hotels, and attractions. The murals are an inspiration to redevelop run-down communities! Make sure to visit this exciting destination soon! Read on to learn more.

Art Basel has transformed Wynwood Walls

Art Basel has transformed Wynwood Wall, transforming it into a new arts district for the city. This remodeled district now showcases works by both established and emerging artists. The Wynwood Walls will host a new group exhibition at GGA Gallery Annex, and an exciting solo exhibit by FAILE. FAILE is an artistic collaboration that explores duality in its fragmented style of collage and appropriation.

The murals that line the walls are a unique feature of this Miami neighborhood. They feature contemporary and traditional artists from different backgrounds and cultures. The murals themselves will be featured on a massive outdoor wall, and the video program will be presented for two hours. Art Basel Miami FL will transform Wynwood Walls into a cultural hub of interdisciplinary art, making it one of the most exciting destinations for the art community in the world.

Street art

If you enjoy street art, you'll love the murals in Wynwood Walls. Renowned street artists such as Lady Aiko began painting murals at a young age, and many people recreate their favorite pose to pay tribute to his mural. Eduardo Kobra's anti-war homage to a former Jedi master is a touching and important work. Kobra is one half of a German street art duo. You can learn more about the artists and their work by visiting the Walls' website. Some of the murals in Wynwood are socially conscious, with themes like equality, human rights, and more.

The history of Wynwood Walls can be traced back to the 1970s, when this once-rural neighborhood was a decaying industrial area. Then in 2007, an American property developer named Tony Goldman saw an opportunity to transform a blighted neighborhood into an art district by hiring street artists to paint on the walls. That's when Wynwood Walls began as a movement, attracting top graffiti and street artists from around the world. Today, Wynwood Walls is a vibrant art district, with every wall transformed into a giant canvas.


If you are looking for restaurants in Wynwood Walls Miami FL, there are many choices. This neighborhood is known for its art galleries, and you are sure to find a unique place to dine. You can also visit the Walls themselves, which are free to enter. Located between 25th and 26th streets, Wynwood Walls is undergoing a transformation from a rough neighborhood into a vibrant destination.

Despite its trendy and hipster atmosphere, you will find authentic Asian food at the KYU. The restaurant serves yakiniku, a grilling technique from Japan. Dishes include beef short ribs, Thai fried rice stone pot, and roasted cauliflower. The exterior has a geisha mural by artists Filio Galvez and Andrew Antonaccio. Inside, a mix of art and vintage hip-hop fills the dining room, while a large selection of craft beer and cocktail options make this a great place for an afternoon or evening.  More attractions


There are two options when looking for parking in the Wynwood Walls. The closest one is the Midtown Miami North Block Garage, which is at 3401 N Miami Ave. It's about 18 minutes away on foot, and the other is the Design District Lot, located at 175-187 NE 36th St. Parking in the Wynwood Walls is an excellent choice for both art lovers and retail shoppers.

You can pay for parking in the garage located right next to the open-air museum. This garage operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The garage has hourly rates, which make it convenient to park in this area. Another option is to use a parking app, such as PayByPhone, which will send you notifications when your time is running out. Check out this . You can even pay on the spot!


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