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The Superblue Miami Art Museum in Miami, Florida is open daily. Hours may vary depending on day of the week, so please check before you go. The last timed entrance will be at 3:30pm. It's recommended to arrive early to avoid the museum's high crowds. You can visit the museum at 1101 NW 23rd St, Miami, FL 33127. You can visit the museum by appointment as well. In case you're not sure what to expect, check the website for updates.

Experience the power of art through a new installation at the Superblue Miami Art Museum. "Every Wall Is a Door" features immersive art that will make you feel like you are stepping into a different universe. The exhibition features an installation by teamLab, a Japanese digital art collective known for their light-inspired exhibitions. Visitors to the exhibition will experience vertigo as they approach an oblong-shaped light projected onto a blank wall.

The opening of the No One is an Island at Superblue in Miami was delayed for a number of reasons. The global pandemic made it difficult to find art in real life, which led to a temporary lack of art in the city. However, a new site is set to open in a former industrial building across the street from the Rubell Museum. Once completed, the museum will feature interactive installations that will captivate visitors from all walks of life.  Next local attraction.

The opening exhibition of the Superblue Miami Art Museum in Miami FL will feature a new installation from internationally acclaimed artist Es Devlin. This immersive installation is inspired by nature and the respiratory system of humans. Visitors will be surrounded by a massive mirror maze that is reminiscent of the inner structure of trees. For the duration of the exhibition, the public is invited to explore this installation.

The avant-garde company Random International collaborates with Studio Wayne McGregor Dance to present No One is an Island, its first kinetic work. This new work will run in three chapters until January 2021. It will also feature a live performance later next year. Developed in collaboration with the artists, the work explores the relationship between the human mind and an automated future. The piece explores the complex relationship between movement and empathy, as well as the interaction of robots with humans.  

Prices for Superblue Miami Art Museum are around $30 for adults. The museum has three exhibitions, which vary in time. The total time spent at each exhibition will depend on how many visitors are in the museum and how long they are in each exhibit. Adults can expect to spend 60 to 90 minutes at Superblue Miami, not including breaks and browsing the gift shop. It is a great place to take a child or a group of friends.  Additional info here

Superblue Miami is one of Miami's most immersive art experiences, with art ranging from the everyday to the sublime. With immersive artwork created by leading artists, visitors are transported to different worlds. Explore the mirrored maze by Es Devlin, step into an interactive floral world by teamLab, and walk among the "clouds" created by James Turrell. Families and individuals of all ages will find this exhibition an exciting way to spend the afternoon.

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