Little Havana Tours

You can choose from a variety of different Little Havana tours. If you are in Miami and would like to explore Little Havana's boutiques, there are a variety of options for you. One of the best options is to join a boutique walking tour. These tours offer small groups, with no more than 12 people per tour. This allows for personalized attention and comfort. This makes your experience in Little Havana a truly memorable one. You can visit this amazing destination at 1637 SW 8th St #201A, Miami, FL 33135.

While exploring Little Havana, you'll have the chance to sample the local culture. Your tour will include a stop at the oldest open farmer's market in the country, a cigar factory with rollers, and a museum that contains the largest Cuban art collection outside of Cuba. You'll also have the opportunity to sample local cuisine, like fresh-squeezed limeade.

You can also take a walking tour of the city. Most of the tour options are affordable, so you don't need to spend a fortune. However, it's a good idea to book ahead if you are going for the first time. One highly rated walking tour is the Authentic Little Havana Food and Culture Tour. It's also the cheapest option, costing around $20 less per person than most other tours.

When choosing a walking tour of Little Havana, make sure you're prepared to spend a lot of time on foot. This tour includes five or six stops where you can taste local fare. Just make sure you're hungry before you go, and be sure to have enough time to enjoy all the sights and sounds.

A food tour of Cuba's family-owned restaurants is one of the best Little Havana Tours available. This tour not only educates you about the history and traditions of the Cuban people, but also offers the opportunity to taste the delicious cuisine. You'll leave feeling full and knowledgeable.

You can also eat at the Yisell bakery, which is famous for its delicious pastries. Be aware, though, that the display cases are usually emptied by midday. The staff here does not speak English. If you're a foodie, you'll have to order your pastries from a staff member who can communicate in your language.

You can also choose to take a private Little Havana tour. In this way, you can customize your tour to meet your needs. In addition to eating local cuisine and sipping delicious mojitos, you can learn about the history and secret religious practices of Cubans. After your tour, you can also enjoy some local culture and music. Discover more sites.

Among the famous ice cream parlors in Little Havana is the Azucar Ice Cream Company. Its large plastic ice cream cone facade makes it easy to spot. The Azucar has more than one hundred flavors, including chocolate, passion fruit, and mamey. You can even try the Abuela Maria, which is a Cuban flan ice cream concoction with rum, guava, and cream cheese.

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