Coral Gables Museum

If you've never been to the Coral Gables Museum Miami FL, you're in for a treat! This historic site, completed in 1939, was the work of Phineas Paist. Located at 285 Aragon Ave, Coral Gables, FL 33134. It was restored in 2003 and reopened as a museum in 2011.

The building was constructed in 1964 for the police and fire departments of Coral Gables, FL. These departments occupied the building until 1975. In the mid-90s, Coral Gables City Commissioner Wayne Withers expressed interest in hosting a museum in the historic 1939 Coral Fire and Police Station. The museum corporation was formed in 2003. The museum's mission is to preserve and present the history of Coral Gables.

As a volunteer, you will be assisting the museum in its mission to promote culture and understanding of the region's history. This includes facilitating educational tours for a variety of audience members, including children, teens, and adults. Before applying for this role, you should familiarize yourself with the mission of the museum and complete the required training. You will also be responsible for setting up and taking down scheduled school tours. Finally, you will be responsible for maintaining the supplies required for program activities.

In 2007 the museum was renovated and the city of Coral Gables partnered with the Coralgables Historical Resources Department to operate the museum. After applying for grants, the Historical Resources Department applied for $1.5 million to restore and renovate the building. The City of Coral Gables hired architect Jorge L. Hernandez, who then designed the new structure. This 1.5 year construction project involved numerous trades, from architecture to landscaping.

The Coral Gables Museum is a historic landmark located downtown in Coral Gables. The museum is situated in a historic police and fire department building and features a courtroom and jail cells, as well as an impressive collection of Theresa Keller sculptures. It also sponsors special exhibitions and educational programs. So, whether you're planning a corporate meeting or a networking function to a lavish wedding, the museum is a great place to hold it.

Taking in the art of the museum is the best way to experience it. The collection has something for everyone. The museum's diverse collection includes works by internationally acclaimed artists and international collectors. It's worth a visit if you're in the area. You'll surely enjoy this. If you want to go beyond the museum's walls, you can visit the artist's studio and view his work in person.

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