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As one of our clients, you will get to communicate directly, via mobile phone, with the accident lawyer handling your case. We will be there to assist you, day or night. You only need to focus on your recovery, and just let our Miami car accident lawyer deal with everything else for you.


We won’t charge you any fees until we secure compensation for you. This means NO upfront fees. Our accident attorneys will work on a contingency basis. So, if you are involved in a car accident, there is no need to hesitate in contacting us as soon as possible to get the legal help you need.


At Beharry Law, we will use our years of experience to deliver the justice you, our future client, deserves. When you put your case in our very capable hands, you expect justice. Rest assured, we will deliver results that will help you and your family get through these trying times.


Beharry Law’s #1 goal is to provide competent and compassionate assistance to car accident victims in the city of Miami FL. If you have been injured within the limits of Miami-Dade county due to someone else’s negligent conduct, request a Free consultation with one of our car accident lawyers. We will help you get the compensation you seek.

Don’t worry, our car accident attorneys won’t charge you any fees, until we win money for you. Our lawyers are here to assist you 24/7, day or night. Whether you are in the hospital, at home or even at your place of business, our car accident lawyers will come to you if you have sustained a serious, debilitating injury. Our attorneys have secured millions of dollars in compensation for our clients over the years, and we can assist you as well.


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Why Contact Our Miami Car Accident Lawyer?


You should seek help from our attorneys because we specialize in cases involving vehicle-related injuries as soon as possible after a car accident. In Florida, there is a 14 day window following the accident in which to report your injuries.  Failure to do so will forever forfeit your opportunity to receive compensation, . . . so don’t wait. As a victim, you are entitled to compensation for your losses and injuries. Unfortunately, insurance companies will often try to shortchange accident victims, offering them less than they deserve. To protect your rights, do not talk to them until you contact us to work with one of our qualified, experienced accident lawyers.

Here at the Beharry Law Firm in Miami, our top priority is to ensure that our clients are treated fairly. Even if you feel like your accident was just a minor fender bender, you should still reach out to us to discuss your case. This is especially important if you experience any type of pain after the accident. Our qualified lawyers will sit with you and carefully evaluate your case, helping you understand your rights.

Typical Lifecycle of A Car Accident Claim

If you’ve been in an auto accident, there are essentially 8 steps that will need to be completed before you can get compensated for your injuries. See below:


The first thing you should do after being involved in a collision is call the local police. Takes pictures of the entire scene, the damaged vehicles, and if feasible, collect witnesses information.


The extent and degree of your injuries may not be readily apparent to you. You should seek medical care immediately to attend to any and all injuries.


Many car accident attorneys in Miami offer a FREE consultation. Before you speak with an insurance adjuster (whose job is to minimize claim damages), seek the advice of a lawyer with your own interests at heart.


Your attorney notifies insurance companies involved and opens a claim. Your attorney will then investigate the case by gathering police reports, medical records, lost wage documentation and any other necessary information.


You should definitely continue any medical care you initiated until your injuries have been resolved and/or future needs can be adequately  assessed.


Your attorney presents the insurance company with a demand for settlement. These demands may take many forms depending upon the type of claim, available insurance coverage, and injuries involved.


Through often numerous counter demands and counter offers, after the max offer is received, the plaintiff will decide if they agree to that offer. If no agreement is reached, a lawsuit will be filed and that case will likely be tried by a jury to determine who wins.


After a settlement is reached, entities that provided medical care to you who have liens against your case, will get reimbursed out of settlement. Your lawyer must resolve all these liens before disbursing settlement. After being finalized, you will receive the balance of the settlement in the form of a check from our law firm.


If you or someone you know ever needs help, it costs you nothing to consult with us about your injury case . Feel free to give us a call at anytime or simply contact us via the form below.

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Common Causes of Car Accidents in Miami FL

Most car accidents are the result of driver errors. This includes:


You know them, they’ve blown past you on the highway. Unfortunately, numerous drivers ignore the speed limit and tend to drive 10, 20 and even 30 mph & more over the limit. Speeding kills, and traveling over the designated speed limit is a sure way to cause a car accident. That’s because, the faster you drive, the slower your overall reaction time will be should you need to adjust to prevent a car accident.

Distracted Driving

When a driver is distracted by devices, such as cellphones, tablets and other gadgets, they increase the probability of a collision. These devices prevent the driver from being able to focus on the road particularly while they are texting or calling someone. Other forms of driver distractions include applying makeup while driving before arriving at work or other events. Being able to multi-task is great, but just not while you’re driving.

Driving under the influence (DUI)

Driving while under the influence of drugs or alcohol not only hinders the drivers ability to make appropriate decisions while behind the wheel, it also impairs their ability to react quickly enough to avoid certain dangers of the road.  Sadly, in the US, someone dies every 53 minutes from an alcohol-related crash.

Improper turning

We have stop lights, turn signals, and lanes specifically designated for moving to the right or left, as opposed to just going straight for a reason. It is because, when drivers choose to ignore the rules of the road, car accidents often become the result. If you want to prevent a car accident, make it a habit to always look for street signs and obey the right-of-way rules before you decide to make a turn.

Vehicle defects

Sometimes, vehicle defects are the cause of a car accident. If a vehicle is not properly maintained, there is a risk for mechanical failure while driving that could increase the possibility of a vehicle-related accident. The best way to prevent this cause is to follow the maintenance recommendations of the car’s manufacturer.

Driver fatigue

Driver fatigue isn’t something that is discussed a lot, but one can’t expect themselves to drive safely when they are having problems staying awake. Most of the drowsy driving related car accidents occur during the night. If you are out driving and you feel yourself starting to fall asleep while behind the wheel, do yourself a HUGE favor and pull over when it’s safe to do so and take a brief 30 minute nap to recharge.

Bad weather

We all know that the weather can take its place in the cause of accidents. This tends to happen more often during heavy rains, areas of thick fog, high winds, as well as wet & slippery roads. When the weather is bad, it’s best to stay home rather than driving out in your car to prevent those car accidents from even happening.

Disobeying traffic signals

One thing is for certain, when you are driving a car, red always means stop and not doing that can often lead to car accidents. Those drivers who run red lights, increase the risk of causing a wrongful death as a result of side-impact car collisions usually at high speeds. In order to avoid car accidents, all drivers should look both ways for the oncoming cars as you approach an intersection with a light that just turned green.

Reckless driving

Odds are that if you refuse to drive carefully, you may just end up in a preventable car accident. Of course, that’s what typically happens to those reckless drivers who tend to speed, tailgate, or change lanes too quickly before they end up causing a car accident. Reckless drivers tend to be impatient in traffic, so be sure to take every precaution around drivers who are aggressive.

Teen driving

You know the saying, “Youth is wasted on the young”, however, careful driving is something that would not be wasted on our young drivers. The reality is . . ., teenagers are typically not known for their carefulness. Whenever teenage drivers begin to take to the roads, they certainly don’t always know what they should do and their lack of experience increases their odds of ending up causing car accidents.

Types of Car Accident Injuries

Car accidents can result in many types of injuries, dependent on the severity of the collision. These common injuries include:

  • Cuts & Bruises
  • Major lacerations
  • Broken bones / Fractures
  • Whiplash
  • Neck & Head Injuries
  • Spinal Cord Injuries
  • Brain Injuries


Following A Car Accident

If you’ve been in a car accident, it’s wise to get as much information from the other driver. Many people fail to get all of the required information for their attorney and it can wind up taking a lot longer to resolve the case. Here are some of the details that you’ll want to get from the other driver.

  • Name, address, phone number and their license number.
  • Insurance information from the other driver, this should include the name of the company and their policy number.
  • License plate number of their car and take pictures of their car as well as of your car.
  • Write down as many of the details of the accident as you can recall. The date, time, location, weather, any other details that you can recall. You never know what will be helpful.

Include the lane that each driver was in when the accident occurred.

If there are any witnesses, be sure that you get their information as well.

Don’t worry if the witnesses don’t speak English, we can hire a translator to speak with them if we need to.

Always call the police, you’ll need a report number and they may give the other party a ticket in which case you don’t have to worry. Never give inaccurate information or incorrect information to the police. If you’re unsure, tell them that you don’t know. If you say anything inaccurate or incorrect you may have that used against you.

It’s vital to choose an attorney for your auto accident who will represent your needs. You shouldn’t simply choose a paralegal or a case manager. Always find a law firm where you can work into a relationship and stay in the loop with what is going on in your case. If you have any questions, these should be answered by your attorney.

You’ll also want an accident attorney that is aggressive. Most insurance agencies are seeking to pay out as little as possible on accidents. Insurance companies make a lot of money when they are able to deny or lowball accidents and injury claims. Thus, it’s typical for them to offer quick money and easy cash. It’s not at all unusual for them to offer a far lower amount than what you really deserve. Most victims don’t know this and they take the money that is first offered. This is a huge mistake and once you’ve signed, you’re done. You can’t get any more money. Never sign until you’ve spoken with our accident attorneys who knows what is going on with the case and can aid you in presenting a demand to the other insurance company. Remember, you want an aggressive attorney that will stand up for you and your needs. Always choose a car accident attorney in Miami who will fight for you and not settle for anything less.

It’s vital that your accident attorney understands personal injury law and will focus on this. The Beharry Law Firm is trustworthy and renowned for their knowledge in auto insurance. We’ve established ourselves as leaders in the industry to help those who have been the victims of a car accident. We will get you the compensation that you deserve.

The moment you have decided to seek the services of an auto accident lawyer; you should be prepared to answer basic questions. It is wise to answer as many as possible and as accurately as possible. If you do not know some of the answers, that is fine, because your attorney will conduct an investigation regarding the accident. Below are the main basic questions that you are required to know:

    • • The exact place the accident occurred. It is wise to provide as many specifics about the location as possible.
    • • Third party? Was there a third party and if yes do you have their contact information?
    • • The street you were driving on and the direction. If a third party is involved, the attorney will also want to know the direction they were traveling. Provide as many details as possible, such as the lane both of you were driving in, how fast were you driving and how fast was the third party driving; and who caused the accident.
    • • How the accident occurred? Did one of your car’s parts fail, which resulted in an accident?
    • • Do you have contact information and insurance information for the other vehicle?
    • • Did the police come to the scene of the accident or filed a report? If you did, your attorney will request a copy of the traffic accident report.
    • • Did you secure any witnesses? Or have photograph evidence? All these help strengthen your claim and important to have.
    • Which specific injuries did you suffer? If you received any medical treatment or simply consulted a doctor, you should tell your attorney.

It is wise to receive immediate medical attention after an accident even if you feel fine or seem uninjured. You should never wait! It is important to note that going to a hospital means that you will have medical proof to show the injuries you got. Apart from the legal aspect of showing proof, going to a hospital or letting medical professionals examine you is actually healthy.

Many people do not seek the services of an attorney immediately after an accident and this is a fact. Such a person tends to make mistakes while filling for a car accident claim. Some examples include:• Speaking to the opposing insurance company

  • Giving false or incorrect recorded statements
  • Not getting enough information at the scene of the accident
  • Others do not call the police or simply forget to ask the other driver to provide insurance information
  • Ignoring suggested medical treatment
  • Lashing out and cause a scene that generally involves fighting, verbal abuse, etc.

All these are factors that may be used to invalidate a person’s claim and actually used against them in court. In some cases, it does not matter if the other person was the one at fault, their insurance company can use your mistake against you, which will make you seem to be at fault. As a matter of facts, if you do not ask the other driver for their insurance details, it will make it difficult to conduct a police investigation. Without the insurance information, it simply means more work.

If for example, you decide to disregard recommended health treatments, it will make it challenging to prove that you were wounded. As such, it is wise to follow through all recommended medical treatment so that you can make the work easy to prove that indeed you were injured. This makes it easy to receive a fair share of compensation.

The truth is . . . . . . it is challenging to get a settlement after a car accident case. It generally depends on the facts of your case. There is no doubt that every car accident victim should receive compensation or damages; nonetheless, it all relies on how strong your case is and if the other driver has suitable liability insurance. Also, because car accidents occur differently, the injuries do also vary and it can be different for every person.

There are times the case will go smoothly, such as assuming that the other driver has $15,000 in liability insurance, and your injuries, medical bill, and other expenses exceed $15,000, you are eligible to get the insurance policy limit.

At times, if you wait too long to file a claim or bring up a new claim, you may be unable to file for a personal injury claim. For example, in Florida’s statute of limitation has a lawsuit filing deadline, which is 2 years. A person has only 2 years to file for a personal injury claim for any injuries suffered. Although, there are certain exceptions that include claims against government agencies, medical malpractice claims, and others. Therefore, it is important to get the appropriate evidence needed.

If you have not spoken to a lawyer, then you should really consider doing that. Remember, there is a 2-year deadline mark and it gets closer by the day. After this deadline, it becomes hard to get an insurance company to settle the case. Also, the more you wait the harder it gets to validate your injuries and even may become hard to investigate the whole case. Therefore, with this in mind, you should consult a professional car accident attorney.

Our Miami car accident lawyers often see these common car accidents:

Low-Speed Impact: Low-speed impact accidents are those accidents that typically take place under 10 miles per hour. These are considered to be low-speed. Often, they result in whiplash injuries.

Front Impact: Front impact accidents are those that take place when someone hits someone with their car from the front such as a tree, wall, animal or another kind of object.

Rear Ends: These accidents are the kind that are very common when you come to a sudden stop and the car behind you doesn’t. They’re the most common type of auto accident and happen when another vehicle hits your vehicle from the rear. Typically, the driver in the back is the one that is at fault as they may have been following too close or otherwise distracted.

Side collision: These frequently result in the driver’s door, passenger door or sides of the car being hit by another vehicle. Such injuries may include a concussion or even broken bones.

It costs nothing to hire us. Our law firm does not charge you any fees upfront. If we don’t win your case, we don’t charge you anything. The retainer agreement that we use is a contingency fee basis, so we only get paid if we are successful in court.

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Qualified For All Types Of Auto Accident Claims

Our firm specializes in car accident cases. We have experience with just about every type of accident that you can imagine ranging from motorcycles and truck accidents to T-bone and rear-end accidents. We also have a history of successfully helping bicyclists and pedestrians who were injured by vehicles. We are even experienced in handling complicated cases involving drunk or distracted driving.

After dealing with so many car accident cases, we have a good understanding of the different types of injuries that can occur during an accident as well as the aftercare that is required to recover from those injuries. Our lawyers will thoroughly review your case to determine how much compensation you are owed. Ideally, we can reach a fair settlement with the insurance company in a short period of time. If the amount of the settlement offer is not high enough, however, we will gladly represent you in court to fight for what you deserve.

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If you or someone you know ever needs help, it costs you nothing to consult with us about your injury case . Feel free to give us a call at anytime or simply contact us via the form below.

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