5 Tips To Preventing Road Rage Car Accidents


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Road rage is a specific term that everyone knows about, and it's unfortunate because car accidents of this nature are not going away. While you need to drive defensively and avoid being a victim of road rage, you also need to keep your cool and avoid being the person that causes a road rage accident in the first place. Keep reading to learn a few tips you can use towards this particular pursuit.

1) Practice Breathing Techniques: Inhale a deep breath. Then, hold it for a five-count before you finally release. If you do this several times in a row, it can physically reduce the amount of tension in your body. While you do this, try and visualize tension, anxiety, and stress you feel going into your lungs before being blown out of your body on the exhales.

2) Avoid Any Aggravating Situations: This one is easier said than done, because some traffic is unavoidable. Also, some traffic is unavoidably aggravating. Try to leave early so you can get to your destination early. If that means showing up at work early, enjoy a few moments outside, a phone game, or a book. Also, be sure you know and use alternate routes. The more you know your triggers, the less likely you are to be the one causing a road rage car accident.

3) Consider Posting Affirmations In Your Car: These can vary from one person to the next, but you might want to have one on your dashboard. You might even just want a sticker that makes you happy or more relaxed on your car horn so you think twice about blowing it.

4) Be Ready For Crucial Moments: You might want to have some goodies in your car for tough situation. A bottle of water should always be there, as well as a CD of some relaxing music you can chill to. A pair of stress balls in your glove compartment is also great to have around.

5) Change Your Mind: Once you get good enough at the first four, and that's any combination of them, as it doesn't have to be all of them, then your brain will start creating a new mental pathway in its neurons where it gets used to changing its mindset quickly. In time, you'll just be able to flip your 'calm' switch on without having to manage your breathing or get stress balls out of the glove compartment. A meditation teacher or psychiatrist might also be able help you with this, although you certainly shouldn't close your eyes and meditate when in your car. Remember that in many states, napping in the driver's seat can still get a ticket.

Using these tips can help you take any irritating edge off of your current driving experience. Always keep in mind that everyone wants to road rage, but actually doing it hurts you and others. Anger is always an internal condition, no matter how much it's triggered or inspired by someone else or something else. Change your reactions and even how you react, and you won't just be less likely to have a road rage car accident, you'll just be less stressed as a person and a happier driver. You spend so much time in your vehicle anyway, that you might as well find ways to enjoy it.

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