Monkey Jungle

Monkey Jungle in Miami bills itself as a place where the Where Humans are Caged and Monkeys Run Wild. It’s hard to argue with that claim when one visits this wonderful wildlife experience at 14805 SW 216th St. Miami, FL 33170.


The Park, which was established in 1935 is set in the perfect environment to ensure that the monkeys, many of them from tropical environments are right at home. Miami’s sub-tropical climate suits the needs of the primate inhabitants of Monkey Jungle perfectly. The 30-acre park is home to the descendants of six Java monkeys that were released into the surroundings in the mid-1930s – but the Java Monkey troupe (which now numbers 30 individuals who are always at hand to welcome visitors to the Park) is not the only attraction of this wonderful conservation area. In fact, there are over 300 primates running wild on the property. It is today a haven for endangered primate species – one of the few in the United States.

For those who want to get up close and personal with one of the most impressive primate species in the world experiencing the Cameroon Gorilla Forest exhibit in the Park is an absolute must. Here these gentle giants can be seen interacting with their keepers – much to the delight of the younger members of the audience.

Some of the most personable primates at the Park must be the Golden Lion Tamarins. These spectacular and colorful, but tiny primates which are found wild in the Brazilian jungle. However, logging and deforestation have sadly reduced their numbers. They are now endangered and the Park plays its part in an international coalition to ensure that these wonderful jungle dwellers do not disappear forever.

Visitors can also experience the wonders of the Rainforest in the Park’s enclosed Amazonian Rainforest exhibit. Trees and plants sourced from the Amazon make it the perfect habitat for the 25 Squirrel Monkeys, the Black-Capped Capuchin monkeys and the Howler Monkeys that call the Park home. The Howlers may be of special interest as they boast one of the loudest calls in the Animal Kingdom. The call (which is more like a roar) can be heard up to a mile away in their native habitat of the Amazon Rainforest.

There is simply so much to see and enjoy at Monkey Jungle that it would be a pity for the visitor to Miami to miss out on the fun during their trip to this vibrant city. Enjoy a wonderfully wild experience at this great attraction.

To get to our office in Miami, FL , head east on SW 216th ST for about 0.1 miles and turn left on SW 147th Ave. Drive about 2.1 miles and then turn east (right) on SE 184th St (Eureka Dr). Drive 3.4 miles and get on the Florida Turnpike north . Keep right and then get on FL 874 N , driving about 7.4 miles and then drive for about 1.9 miles staying in the right 2 lanes to exit onto SW 8th St.  Drive for about 3.9 miles to SW 37th Ave/Douglas Rd. Make a right onto SW 37th Ave/Douglas Rd. and our office is on the right at 806 Douglas Rd Miami, FL 33134 .


After swinging with the monkeys, go visit Zoo Miami to learn about the other animals.