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The beautiful waterways in South Florida, such as the Atlantic Ocean, attract a lot of visitors who want to enjoy recreational boating. The crowded waters also mean an increase in the number of boating accidents. When an operator of a boat is negligent and collides with another boat, a watercraft, or a person, the tragic results usually end in serious injuries or fatalities. If you or a loved one got hurt in a boating accident in Florida, contact  Beharry Law Firm, boat accident lawyer in Miami. We can help you get medical treatment and financial compensation for your suffering.

Statistics of Florida Boating Accidents

In the U.S., Florida has the highest number of registered vessels. Along with that, it tops the ranks in boating accidents and fatalities every year. The Florida Fish and Wildlife's Boating Accidents Statistical Report indicated that in 2016, Florida had 714 accidents and 67 deaths that were caused by boating. When comparing county statistics, Dade County was one of the top ten counties with the highest number of boating accidents.

All types of vessels can be involved in boating accidents. These include jet skis, power boats, kayaks, water skis, and sports fishing vessels. Personal watercrafts are especially dangerous. They account for 13% of registered vessels, but they also account for 26% of boating accidents.

Boating Accidents Are Caused By Negligence of the Boater

The primary cause of boating accidents in Florida is operator negligence. A collision between two vessels is the most common type of boating accident. The second most common type is a vessel colliding with a fixed object. Boating deaths are mostly the result of a person falling into the water and drowning. Boating accidents and injuries are reported through various methods.

The Lack Of Boating Safety Regulations In Miami Florida

The tragic results from a boating accident are just as bad, and often worse, than the results of an auto accident. One should keep in mind that in Florida, the operator of the vessel does not need a license to drive the boat. The only requirement is that the boat operator has to be born after 1997 and that he must take a safety course in boating. The course does not even to be on a boat. In fact, courses are taught in a classroom or online. One has to admit that having this limited boating education is better than no class at all. In 2016, 70% of people who were involved in a boating accident that resulted in a fatality did not take any boating classes.

If You Or A Loved One Has Been Injured In A Boating Accident . . .
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Getting Injured By A Boat in Miami FL While Swimming or Diving

Alligators and sharks are not the primary danger to people who swim, dive, or snorkel. Careless boaters are. Boat operators who are under the influence of alcohol, speeding, or who have no lookout, are posing great dangers to people who are swimming in the water. It is the boat operator's obligation to pay attention to what is going on the water around him and to exercise duty of care, as mandated by law, for people swimming in the water or not in boats. The sad news is that swimmers are usually the victims in hit and run collisions, much like what happens on the roads. Irresponsible operators think that they can get away from the accident if the victim they hit does not have their own vehicle. Divers attach bright flags to floats with the intent of clearly marking their diving location for others to see. Still, uncaring boat operators hit them and leave them to die in the water. If the authorities were able to trace the accident back to the vessel operator, he can easily deny that they knew anything about colliding with the diver. The operator can claim that the diver did not wear any bright caps or flagged a buoy, even though the diver did. When the operator denies accountability, this is when a boating accident attorney can be a valuable partner in holding the boat operator responsible for the collision.

If you were enjoying a recreational activity in the water, and a motorized boat hit you, you have every right to seek financial compensation. If the boat operator who hit you fled the scene, he can be charged with criminal behavior, and your odds of winning a case in personal injury greatly improve.

If You Or A Loved One Has Been Injured In A Boating Accident . . .
Let's Get The Compensation You DESERVE !

Reckless Boat Operators Cause Most Boating Accident Injuries

The U.S. Coast Guard reports an steady increase in injuries caused by recreational boating. In 2016, there was an 11.1% increase in boating injuries and a 12% increase in boating deaths. This increase might be the result of more drunk operators, more boaters with little or no experience, or just more crowds on the water. The type of injuries caused by boating accidents is similar to injuries caused by car accidents, only boating accidents bring an additional risk of drowning. In addition, boat passengers have little protection on board. There are no air bags, seat belts, safety glass, and other protections. If a vessel collides with another vessel at high speeds, the passenger can be ejected into the other boat or into the water. The victim gets whiplash, broken bones, head trauma, or drowns.

There Is Help For Victims Of Serious Boating Accidents In Miami

If you or someone you know sustained injuries caused by a boating accident, contact the Beharry Law Firm and schedule an appointment with a Miami boating accident attorney for a free consultation. Tell us what happened. We will sort out the facts and tell you how we will help you get the compensation you deserve for the injuries caused by the boating operator's negligence.

At The Beharry Law Firm, we'll take the time to carefully review your case.

If You Or A Loved One Has Been Injured In A Boating Accident . . .
Let's Get The Compensation You DESERVE !