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Being involved in a car accident can be quite challenging. One of the first things you should do is seek out a qualified car accident lawyer in Miami. They will take the time to work with you or a loved one to ensure you get the proper care that you need.

A car accident can range from one with minor injuries to others that can involve life-altering changes and injuries depending upon the severity of the accident. Our lawyers are available to help with anything from a minor accident to a major accident. Throughout the years we have helped many individuals in the Hialeah Gardens area get the compensation they need.

If you spend any amount of time in the Miami area, you know how things can get when the rains fall on the road. No matter how much driving experience you have, these kind of road conditions can be difficult. It is during these types of conditions that accidents occur. These accidents can alter your life in a matter of moments, which can affect the rest of your life. We strive to ensure that everyone of our clients gets the proper compensation they need to be able to move on with the rest of their life.

How We Handle Car Accident Cases From Hialeah Gardens

We you get in touch with our firm, we we set you up with an initial appointment to speak with a lawyer. It is at this time we will look at the details of your case. If we believe you have a solid case, we will begin the process of negotiations with your insurance company. In some cases, they will follow through with their own investigation and retrieve copies pf any relevant evidence of the accident.

Help For Victims Of Car Accidents In Hialeah Gardens

It is important to reach out to a skilled lawyer as soon as possible after an accident. If another party was responsible for the accident, there are legal pathways available in which you can recover money to make your life better.

However, it is important that any medical issues are treated quickly after an accident. Even if you feel perfectly fine after the accident, seek out medical attention. There are many times that the severity of an accident is not known. You want to ensure that you have a proper diagnosis after the accident to ensure you are able to get the money needed for medical expenses. </p.

Attorneys Specializing In Car Accidents Can Ensure You Are Fairly Compensated

Our Hialeah Gardens area lawyers are standing by to help anyone who has been injured in a motor vehicle accident. We will take the time to work with you at a close level to ensure you are able to receive the necessary compensation.

We work for your rights in and out of the courtroom. Due to our past work, we know what needs to be done to help you get compensation quickly to move on with your life. If you were recently involved in a car accident, please do not hesitate calling us today!

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A Few Things You May Not Know About Hialeah Gardens, FL

Located in the Miami-Dade county, Hialeah Gardens is a suburb of Miami FL. The distance between this suburb and Downtown Miami is of only 13.1 miles. This makes it very attractive to many people seeking to rent or purchase a home in this area. Those who want to be close to all amenities offered by a big city, while avoiding the downsides of living in busy urban areas, should consider taking a closer look at Hialeah Gardens, as it can be the perfect place for them.

Hialeah Gardens, FL counts almost 24,000 inhabitants. Most of the residents own their homes. They have liberal tendencies. The estimated home median value in 2016 was of $177,520. That’s lower than the median home value across the state of Florida. The median rent is higher than the national average. This suburb of Miami, FL features lots of parks and relatively good public schools. This makes it a good place to raise children.

With a cost of living slightly higher than the nationwide average, Hialeah Gardens appeals to many categories of people, including those seeking a nice place for retirement. The crime rate is rather low, the traffic is better than in many similar communities, the streets are clean, and the buildings are properly maintained.

According to many locals, the atmosphere is laid back, friendly and welcoming. There’s a large Hispanic community here, almost 95% of the population being of Hispanic origin. There are shops, grocery stores, restaurants and enough entertainment opportunities to keep everyone happy. Besides, it only takes 20 minutes to get to Downtown Miami. Of course, traffic becomes busier at rush hour, but this is a common fact to most urban and suburban areas across the U.S.

Overall, Hialeah Gardens, FL offers a family-like atmosphere and a peaceful environment, being therefore an interesting options for those who want to live in a small and welcoming community.

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  1. From NW 103rd ST, head east until NW 77th Ave
  2. Turn south (right) on to NW 77th Ave to merge onto FL-826 South from the left lane
  3. Proceed on FL-826 south for 5.1 miles to FL-836 exit
  4. Continue driving on FL 836 for 3.1 miles to FL-953 S/NW 42nd Ave/S Le Jeune Rd
  5. Exit onto FL-953 S/NW 42nd Ave/S Le Jeune Rd proceeding 0.9 miles through exit
  6. After merging onto FL-953 S/NW 42nd Ave/S Le Jeune Rd, drive for 1.3 miles to SW 8th St / Tamiami Trail
  7. Take a left onto US-41 E/SW 8th St/Tamiami Trail and drive for0.5 miles to SW 37th Ave/ Douglas Rd.
  8. Tuen right(south) onto SW 37th Ave and office is on the right in @ 49 ft. Come on up to the 5th Floor.